Pistoles Saveur

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The cocoa is a living matter, noble and coloured which requires to be appreciated sophisticated blendings.only the true connoisseur know that a chocolate made of only one cocoa origin is not necessarily excellent : great art lies rather in the combination of several blends . So the pistoles " Savour " which are presented in the form of famous Pistoles of Marie-Antoinette, will make you appreciate mixtures of cocoas whose content is calibrated from 60% to 99%. A piece of advise saved for the amateurs : begin by the lowest content and grow louder and louder while finishing with one 99% that match so well with a strong alcohol or a good Havana! It is known that the Tsars of all Russies tasted this true black chocolate with Vodka! A coat of arms bag and a fine gold embossed greetings card are joined to each case.

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